Thursday, March 05, 2015

Wow!  It's been like FOREVER since I blogged!!!  I'm sure no one even knows this place exists anymore...I even had a hard time finding  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have taken over the world.  I thought I might try and blog again.  Who knows how long this will last...maybe today or maybe I will start doing it regularly.  Time will Tell.

Not a lot has been going on except this horrible weather that continue to haunt us.  This is the most snow I ever remember getting in Kentucky.  I don't like it.  The kids are not even asking to go out in weird.  As a child I would have drove my parents crazy about going on in it and staying for as long as my skin could possibly take it.  Times have definitely changed.

We were suppose to have a Ladies Retreat this weekend but it was canceled due to the snow.  My daughter, Haley was going to join us for her first time ever this year.  Maybe Sis. Sharon will be able to get it rescheduled.

It has been kind of rough on us all due to having to cancel so much church due to the weather.  I hate missing church.  I don't know how people go weeks on end and choose not to go to church.  My week days are all messed up when I go one service without going.  I depend so much on those three times a week that we meet together to worship and fellowship together.  Praying this is the last of the bad ready for spring!

Haley is now 15 years old.  She is a beautiful young lady who loves God.  I love watching her mature in the Lord.  She joined the church last August and I couldn't be more proud!  She has a beautiful singing voice that she uses for the Lord.

Taylor is getting ready next month to turn 10.  Wow...double digits.  My baby girl is not so much a baby anymore.  She is a talented young lady too.  And very social.  She has a beautiful singing voice too but won't sing up in front of church much...she won't admit it but she is very shy when it comes to those kinds of things.

That brings me to my sweet Aiden.  He turned 3 last August.  I didn't have him the last time I posted on here.He was a sweet surprise to us!  I got a sweet baby boy that I couldn't see my life without him now.  So thankful for that sweet blessing!!!  He is so full of energy and mischievousness.  I have a hard time keeping up with!  He definitely keeps us on our toes!

We now live in Elizabethtown and have lived here for almost 5 years now.  We love it here..we actually live on the outskirts of Glendale, a little historic town outside of Etown.  It is awesome.

I'm not sure where the Lord will take us but until then..we are happy here!!!

Well I think I will stop for now...hopefully I will keep this actually feels good to blog..don't know why I stopped.  :-)

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